SoluNox (Private) Limited is a trademark registered company approved by the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) since February 2017. We started our business with a multifaceted mandate to undertake a Research & Development project in dual technologies used in aerospace, underwater and offshore systems, and mining. Our main strength lies in our network of highly qualified engineers and consultants in various domains including aerospace & airborne systems, underwater systems, simulators, electromagnetics, control systems, signal processing, system testers, prognostics, reverse engineering, and manufacture of CNC machines.

SoluNox has come a long way since 2017. Developed Products as well as International Partnerships, and is now ready to set its footprints in space. We have become the leading choice of our customers in Pakistan and abroad by providing Solution-Driven Leadership that we promise. We are still vying to establish international partnerships and representation to enhance our capabilities and the quality of our product and services. This will allow us to substantiate and certify a lustrous future for our steadily flourishing business.


Our Products and Services   

Engineering and manufacturing solutions customized to clients’ needs
Design Consultancy
Event Management
Maintenance Support
Product Standardization
Health Fire and Safety assessment onboard Ships and Submarine
Sourcing of new Technologies
Reverse Engineering




Engr Capt (R) Sajid Ali Khan Tareen PEng BEng AMRINA, Member ASME Member ASTM , Member IEEE and Member IEP, is a retired naval captain and has proficiently served 30 years . He is a Graduate in Mechanical Engineering from NED University of Engineering and MSc in Maritime Studies. He also holds a Diploma in Contract Management, Project Management and Strategic Management. With a unique vision, Mr. Sajid Tareen focuses on youth empowerment and inspirational leadership, with the drive to initiate change with his and his team’s notions.

Mr. Khan Shahmir Tareen

Mr. Muhammad Mustafa Usman Pasha

Mr. Hamza Ahmed Bakhshi

Mr. Zuhair Mahmud

Mr. Daniyal Suhail Malik

Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed

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