These turbines have been built using the tools and engineering techniques devised for Aerospace technology 

Study has been Published and presented in  Six (6)  international renowned engineering conferences

It is proven by global experts.

  • Cost-effective 

    • Wind power costs just 40% as much as solar power (American Wind Energy Association)

    • Energy in the wind increases with the cube of the wind speed.

    • 20 mph wind has 8 times as much energy as a 10 mph wind

  • Compact

    • Small plot plan ~ 1/10thof solar panel.

    • Sand and dust does not reduce efficiency

    • Can be part of a hybrid solution incorporating both wind and solar

  • Capacity : 3 kW

  • Light Weight

    • Fiberglass composite blades developed after extensive research

  • Long life

  • Works at very low wind speed

  • Works in conjunction with utility power.

  • Can be both on-grid (EWT) and off-grid (PWT).

  • Can be combined with solar for increased power and improved RoI

  • Can easily be mounted on roof-tops, small farms, backyards.

  • Can help the user reduce or eliminate the electricity usage from the utility providers.