Micro Gas Turbine (MGT) Engines

After a long research in Micro Gas Turbine (MGT) engines and its supply chain SoluNox announces its entry in commercial MGT production and marketing of its SLX series engines. This milestone has been reached within the agreed framework signed between SoluNox & SWIWIN in 2019-20. Experience and Skill of two companies has led to light weight engines in the categories of hobbyist RC planes, training drones and power generation.

New Generation Multi Launch System

Ready for integration and operation in support of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles launching​

Micro Gas Turbine Engines

SoluNox innovation continues as it has entered into highly sophisticated niche technology of Micro Gas Turbines Engines. These engines have undergone numerous ground tests for endurance and reliability. This brings Pakistan to join elite group of countries producing such high tech machines. These turbine engines have diverse application including aerospace.

Our Partners


SoluNox Pvt Ltd is a trademark-registered company; got approval to start business in Mar 2017 by Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). The same year it was registered at KCCI (Karachi Chambers of Commerce & Industry). Company started its business with multifaceted mandate to undertake Research & Development projects in dual technologies used in Aerospace and Maritime. SoluNox Pvt Ltd is the 1st company in Pakistan’s private Sector to develop its maritime and aerospace design house.