Pioneering Dual Technology Solutions in Aerospace and Maritime

Founded in 2017, SoluNox Pvt Ltd leads Pakistan’s private sector in developing dual-use technologies for aerospace and maritime industries. We excel in high-performance UAV solutions and advanced launching systems, driving innovation and technological advancement.

Advanced UAV and Launching System Solutions

SoluNox Pvt Ltd specializes in the design and development of cutting-edge fourth-generation launching systems tailored for high mass and high-speed target drones. Through strategic foreign collaborations, we are also pushing the boundaries in developing high-performance drones for various applications. Our capabilities extend beyond defense, offering innovative commercial solutions such as pesticide spraying, reconnaissance, and offshore systems, thereby broadening the impact of our technological prowess.

Comprehensive Nationwide Presence and Expertise

With corporate offices strategically located in Karachi and Islamabad, SoluNox Pvt Ltd operates at the heart of Pakistan’s business and political hubs. Our technical, manufacturing, and maintenance facilities span Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, ensuring a robust and responsive operational framework. Supported by a dedicated team of seasoned professionals, including avionics and aerospace engineers, mechatronics experts, naval architects, and IT specialists, we are equipped to drive forward-thinking projects that redefine industry standards in both maritime and aerospace sectors.

Trust SoluNox Pvt Ltd for unparalleled service and groundbreaking technology solutions.

Our multifaceted mandate focuses on Research & Development projects in dual-use technologies for Aerospace and Maritime applications. 

Our specialized areas include:

Our Facilities:

Expertise in Advanced Technologies

At SoluNox Pvt Ltd, we specialize in cutting-edge aerospace and maritime technologies. Our UAV solutions and launching systems are designed to be the most advanced and reliable in the industry.


Commitment to Quality

Quality is our top priority, from research and development to customer support. Our experienced engineers and professionals ensure that all solutions meet and exceed industry standards.


Comprehensive Support

We provide extensive support at every step, from initial consultation to ongoing maintenance. With offices and facilities across Pakistan, we ensure timely and efficient service to meet your needs.

About us

SoluNox Pvt Ltd is a trademark-registered company got approval to start business in Mar 2017 by Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). The same year it was registered at KCCI (Karachi Chambers of Commerce & Industry). Company started its business with multifaceted mandate to undertake Research & Development projects in dual technologies used in Aerospace and Maritime. SoluNox Pvt Ltd is the 1st company in Pakistan’s private Sector to develop its maritime and aerospace design house.

Our success story

Founded in 2017, SoluNox Pvt Ltd has partnered with over 750 companies and successfully completed 32 R&D projects, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and excellence.


Introducing Micro Wind Turbine 1KW-3KW-5KW

Our wind energy projects leverage advanced turbine designs to capture the maximum amount of energy from even the slightest breeze.


Capt (R) Sajid Ali Khan Tareen


Retired naval captain with 30 years in the Pakistan Navy, holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from NED University, an MSc in Maritime Studies, and diplomas in Contract Management, Project Management, and Strategic Management.

Mustafa Pasha


Mechanical engineer with 20 years in computational mechanics, specializing in turbo-machinery, structural dynamics, cryogenics, and CAE. Holds degrees from GIKI and University of Southern California, and worked at Dassault Systèmes, USA.

Daniyal Suhail Malik


Holds degrees in Space and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Pisa. Worked on plasma micro thrusters, asteroid impact mitigation, and SpaceX Falcon 9. Researches green propellants. Passionate about rockets and satellites.

Zuhair Mahmud


Mechanical engineer specializing in wind energy and aerospace engineering, with AI, machine learning, and expertise in wind turbine technology, turbine blade design, aerodynamics, and composite structures.

Khan Shahmir Tareen


Mechatronics engineer from the University of Berlin, currently serving as the International Relations Manager at Solunox. Skilled in project coordination, global partnerships, and technological innovation.

Hamza Bakhshi


Accounting and finance graduate from IBA, Pakistan, a chartered certified accountant (ACCA) with a diploma in Islamic finance. Specializes in financial risk management, modeling, fundraising, taxation, and labor laws.