About Us

Who We Are

SoluNox Pvt Ltd is a trademark-registered company; got approval to start business in Mar 2017 by Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). The same year it was registered at KCCI (Karachi Chambers of Commerce & Industry). Company started its business with multifaceted mandate to undertake Research & Development projects in dual technologies used in Aerospace and Maritime. SoluNox Pvt Ltd is the 1st company in Pakistan Pvt Sector to develop its maritime and aerospace design house.

SoluNox UAV Solutions & Launching System has the expertise in design and development of fourth generation launching systems for High Mass and High Speed Target Drones. Whereas, high performance drones are being designed and developed through foreign collaboration. SoluNox is using its expertise in commercial applications as well like pesticide spraying, reconnaissance and survey, underwater and offshore systems.

Company has its corporate offices in Karachi and Federal Capital Islamabad. Whereas partnered technical, manufacturing and maintenance facilities are located in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

We have a dedicated and highly experienced pool of avionics, aerospace engineers, mechatronics naval architects; marine engineers, experts in IT domain, mechanical engineering etc.


Our Mission is to offer Engineering, asset management, construction of UAVs and UUVs par excellence in accordance with statutory practices, codes of conduct and integrity to render customer’s assets in Defence, Public and Private sectors optimally Available, Reliable and Maintainable.


SoluNox vision is to be its global clients preferred choice in core businesses of design development, support operation of, UAVs, UUVs, launching systems, propulsion systems and IT solutions.